Provisions for pension and similar obligations are determined in accordance with the projected unit credit method prescribed by IAS 19, based on actuarial reports. In this connection, the demographic assumptions applied, as well as expected salary and pension trends and the discount rate to be used, are determined on the basis of current estimates as of the balance sheet date. Accordingly, actuarial gains and losses can result from deviations between the actual parameters as at the balance sheet date and the assumptions used for the calculation. These actuarial results – as well as revenues from plan assets that are not included in net interest – are recognized immediately and completely as they arise and are disclosed as generated Group earnings in equity. Past service cost is recognized immediately as an expense.

To determine the net obligation deriving from defined benefit plans, the fair value of the plan assets is deducted from the present value of the pension obligations.

Other provisions are set up for all other uncertain obligations and risks of the Aurubis Group provided that a related obligation to third parties results from a past event, the settlement of which is expected to result in an outflow of cash resources, and the amount of which can be reliably estimated. If the effect of the time value of money is material, non-current provisions are recognized at their present value.