Leased items of property, plant and equipment that satisfy the criteria of IAS 17 for a finance lease are recognized as fixed assets. This is the case if all significant risks and rewards of economic ownership lie with the respective group company. Such items of property, plant and equipment are recognized at fair value or, if lower, at the present value of the minimum lease payments, and are depreciated using the straight-line method over the lease term or, if it is expected that ownership will be obtained at the end of the lease term, over the economic useful life of the respective assets. The future lease installment payment obligations are recognized as a liability at their present value or current market value. The lease installment is divided into an interest component and a repayment component, to ensure that the lease liability bears interest at a constant rate. The non-current part of the net leasing obligation is recorded under non-current financial liabilities and the current part is recorded under current financial liabilities. The interest component of the leasing rate is recognized in the income statement, leading to a constant interest charge over the term of the leasing agreement.