Proposed appropriation of earnings

The separate financial statements of Aurubis AG, Hamburg, have been prepared in accordance with German GAAP (HGB – German Commercial Code).

 T 072
in €  
Net income for the year of Aurubis AG 134,232,732
Unappropriated earnings brought forward from the prior year 54,879,288
Allocations to other revenue reserves 67,100,000
Unappropriated earnings 122,012,020

A proposal will be made to the Annual General Meeting that Aurubis AG, Hamburg’s unappropriated earnings of € 122,012,020 are used to pay a dividend of € 1.25 per no-par-value share (= € 56,195,903.75) and that € 65,816,116.25 be carried forward.

A dividend of € 1.35 per share was paid in fiscal year 2015/16, totaling € 60,691,576.05.