29. Other financial commitments

T 088
in € thousand 9/30/2016 9/30/2015
Capital expenditure commitments 41,126 39,807
Obligations under long-term contracts 164,598 179,430
Warranty obligations 1,709 1,997
Contingent liabilities under discounted bills 1,016 1,289
  208,449 222,523
Certain prior-year figures have been adjusted.

The capital expenditure commitments mainly related to property, plant and equipment.

Obligations under long-term contracts are mainly related to the provision of transport and handling services by various service providers.

In addition, an agreement has been concluded with an energy utility for the cost-based procurement of one billion kilowatt hours of electricity per annum over a term of 30 years commencing in 2010.

The payments are based on price and performance components as well as a contribution to the investment costs of a power plant. Furthermore, the Group has long-term oxygen supply contracts in place for various sites.

Financial commitments under leases

As at September 30, 2016, lease commitments under operating leases amounted to € 30,497 thousand (previous year: € 27,096 thousand). These are due as follows:

T 089
in € thousand less than 1 year 1 to 5 years more than
5 years
Commitments under operating leases 8,174 13,170 9,153 30,497
Commitments under operating leases 8,321 11,501 7,274 27,096

Lease payments in fiscal year 2015/16 recognized as expense amounted to € 7,658 thousand (previous year: € 7,785 thousand).